This varied range of Bedroom Aids and Accessories from Aidapt includes products for comfort, mobility and safety in the bedroom, such as commodes, back rests, bed rails and dressing aids.

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Select Back Rests

Back Rests

Bedroom Back Rests, Pillow Raisers and Mattress Raisers are bedroom aids for easing transfer into/out of bed and for improving user comfort. Ideal for resting patients or for greater independence in everyday use at home.

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Foam Leg Raiser

Select Bed Lifting Aids

Bed Lifting Aids

Bed Lifting Aids are designed to assist users with transfer into and out of the bed, as well as to provide an easy way to sit up or change position.

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Comfort Knight Cotton Pillow

Select Bed Rails and Aids

Bed Rails and Aids

Bed Rails and Transfer Aids are a simple solution for improving stability and support for users and their assistants when transferring to/from their bed. Available for both single and double beds and designed to limit disturbance to other occupants.

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Alvin Toilet/Bed Rail

Select Bed Raisers

Bed Raisers

Aidapt's Bed Raisers (also Chair and Furniture Raisers) are a versatile mobility aid for the bedroom, lounge and throughout the home, raising the height of beds and furniture to a comfortable level. Available in fixed width or flexible width options.

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Bed Raiser or Chair Raiser Component (Spreader Bar)

Select Commodes


A range of hygienic Commodes and Commode Accessories including Bariatric Commodes, Commode Pails and Commode-type Shower Chairs. These Toileting Aids are suitable for use in a hospital or at home in the Bedroom or Bathroom, with optional height adjustment and in various widths.

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Transaqua (TA6) Attendant Propelled Shower Commode Chair

Select Cushions and Comfort

Cushions and Comfort

A range of cushions and comfort products for the home, with a new expanded selection of memory foam supports and cushions, including specially-shaped lumbar supports, coccyx wedge cushions and donut shaped pressure relief cushions.

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U-Shaped Cushion

Select Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids

These simple but effective Dressing Aids from Aidapt can transform your day and make dressing yourself so much easier and faster! Solutions include elasticated shoe laces, sock and pantyhose aids, shoehorns and button hook fastening tools.

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Sock Helper

Select Incontinence and Urinals

Incontinence and Urinals

Portable Urinals, Bedpans and accessories are a convenient and hygienic toileting aid for use in the home or hospital. Our portable, plastic urinals are available in either male or female models, both of which are ergonomically and anatomically designed.

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Plastic Bedpan with Lid

Select Overbed Tables and Lap Trays

Overbed Tables and Lap Trays

An overbed table or lap tray is a useful addition to any home and provides a flat and stable base for those confined to a chair or bed who would like to enjoy crafts, reading, writing or similar activities. Some are designed specifically to be pushed under and close to the side of the bed, many are height adjustable and often have a tilt feature.

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Canterbury Multi Table