Mobility Ramps, Home Mobility Products such as Mobility Walkers and general Mobility Aids from Aidapt; a range of products to help with moving and walking, designed to support independent living.

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Select Crutches and Walking Sticks

Crutches and Walking Sticks

Crutches and Walking Sticks are some of the most popular and affordable Mobility Aids available. The Aidapt range of Crutches is suitable for children and adults, with height adjustment, various handle types and non-slip rubber feet as standard. Our Walking Sticks are available in wood or chrome, with a choice of folding or fixed and different handle types, patterned or plain and including ergonomic Walking Sticks for Left or Right Handed users.

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PVC Wedge handle Elbow Crutch

Select Ramps


Mobility Ramps from Aidapt are useful Mobility Aids suitable for the home and for travel, with products that include sturdy, lightweight aluminium ramps; channel ramps in various lengths as well as compact, folding ramps - ideal to keep in the car.

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Roll Up Aluminium Ramp

Select Rollators


Aluminium Rollators from Aidapt are a feature-rich walking aid available in standard and extra wide sizes, suitable for bariatric use. Rollators have an integrated, padded seat and are suitable for use in the home or around town, with useful rollator accessories available including baskets and bags.

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Aidapt Lightweight 4 Wheeled Rollator

Select Scooter Accessories

Scooter Accessories

Find the perfect accessory for your Wheelchair or Scooter; products include several types of bags, back packs and baskets designed to fit most standard wheelchairs and scooters. You will also find a good selection of scooter covers for the machine and user; offering wet weather protection for the legs or full length.

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Scooter Weather Protection Cover

Select Tri Walkers

Tri Walkers

Tri-Walkers are a compact walking aid, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These mobility aids fold flat for easy storage in the home or while out and about. Options include baskets and bags, making them a great item for popping to the shops or enjoying a day out with family and friends.

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Three Wheeled Steel Walker

Select Walking Frames

Walking Frames

Walking Frames are a versatile Mobility Aid available with or without wheels, ideal for use in the home or hospital. The Aidapt range of Walking Frames including standard, lightweight frames, plus ultra narrow walking frames.

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Lightweight Walking Frame for Home Use

Select Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories

A range of Wheelchair Accessories designed to fit most standard wheelchairs or scooters and make you safer and more comfortable. Including bags, back packs, rain covers and cushions.

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Lap Strap for Wheelchair or Scooter

Select Wheelchairs


The Aidapt range of Wheelchairs has both self-propelled and attendant-propelled wheelchairs, including folding transport wheelchairs ideal for travel and occasional use, plus robust models for comfortable, everyday use.

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Deluxe Attendant Propelled Steel Wheelchair