Kitchen Utensils

This range of Utensils and Kitchen Aids has been specially designed for those with limited dexterity or use of only one arm. Products include easy scoop plates and bowls, ergonomic pans and bendable utensils.

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Large Scoop Bowl

This useful Scoop Bowl has been designed as a dining aid (or kitchen aid) to help users with limited dexterity, particularly those with one hand.

VM902 Large Scoop Bowl £9.99

Out of stock On order, awaiting supplier confirmation

Scoop Plate

This Scoop Plate is a popular dining aid, specially shaped to assist users who have limited dexterity.

VM903 Scoop Plate (Colour White) £9.99

Stock 251

VM903R Scoop Plate (Colour Red) POA

Stock 24

Plastic Plate Guard

The Plastic Plate Guard is a particularly useful dining aid for one-handed users or those with limited dexterity.

VM904 Plastic Plate Guard (Size Size: 203 - 304 mm (8 - 12")) £7.99

Stock 105

VM905 Plastic Plate Guard (Size Size: 216 - 254 mm (8.5 - 10")) £8.99

Stock 34

VM906 Plastic Plate Guard (Size Size: 254 - 280 mm (10 - 11")) £8.99

Stock 7

Stainless Steel Plate Guard

This Stainless Steel Plate Guard is curved to help keep food on the plate, particularly useful for users with limited dexterity.

VM907 Stainless Steel Plate Guard £14.99

Out of stock Awaiting reorder

Egg Cups with Suction Base (Pair)

This convenient pair of Egg Cups from Aidapt have a suction cup on the base to keep the egg cups in place; ideal for one-handed users or those with limited mobility. Supplied in pairs.

VM908 Egg Cups with Suction Base (Pair) £9.99

Stock 11

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